Wishlist for October

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So about this time last month I did a wishlist for September and it went quite well so I thought I’d do one for October!xx


Lately, I’ve been really really really wanting this painting from Art.com. For some odd reason I’ve been obsessed with it, mainly because I’ve been looking at a lot of room décor lately and I basically fell in love. The painting is called “Balcony” (for obvious reasons) and it’s painted by M. C. Escher (click for portfolio). I just really want it, and for not even £10, it’s beautiful!

Red Floral Beaded Sleeveless A-line DressNext is this gorgeous dress from Choies.com. I really love the colouring of it and think it’s overall stunning. It reminds me of a Chinese traditional painting you would find on a scroll or plate, it’s very pretty!

The Vault

I saw this book somewhere online and I actually was just really intrigued by the cover of the book so hopefully I will get a chance to read The Vault this month.

Now, I’ve seen so many shoes this past month, and instead of choosing one, I’m going to put them all, I regret nothing. First is this black loafer, next is this shiny black heeled shoe, it’s just too pretty not to want.



Now is this bag. Oh my gosh is this bag beautiful!


And that’s it! I shall either mourn of the loss of these or pray for my bank account, either way, toodledoo!xx

-Erika xx


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