Favourites of the Month | August


So since August is over, (where has the time gone?!) I decided I was going to post my monthly favourites which will be linked below, whooray!

First off, as I recently started this blog (about 4 days ago), I have been, even more than normal, addicted to notebooks (similar). I have several notebooks for blog post ideas and they’re just sooo beautiful. -swoons-. I’ve been loving this one I received last year for Christmas and haven’t really used it properly, I have no idea why.

Next is a book; Gone Girl. This book by Gillian Flynn is so merticulusly planned and written and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time, I loved it.

Now is a few apps. This month I’ve been trying to improve my brain skills, probably because I need to go back to school soon, poor me 😦 luckily I get to buy back to school clothes!
Anyway, I have been so thankful for this app called Elevate. everyday you play 3 different games to test different areas of your brain, i.e. speaking, writing, maths, finding issues and solving problems. It reminds you everyday to play these 3 games so you won’t forget. It’s actually really fun, but maybe that’s just my love for education speaking, who knows?!

The other app is Sunrise. Corresponding to improvement, I wanted to get more organise. Now, if you ask anyone who knows me, I  am an organisation addict. I constantly make lists and use reminders 24/7 so I don’t forget anything. It’s a condition I am working on. Also to mention, I don’t like little annual calendars, don’t ask, I don’t know myself. I always forget them at home or just forget to write stuff down, BUT, as a teen, I always have a phone on laptop on me, so having a calendar that is so easy to use AND sends you notifications days/hours/minutes before is useful.

Lastly, the ultimate favourite of the month is macaroons. That’s right, I said it, macaroons. I had only recently had my first one and They. Were. Amazing. I instantly had to find a recipe and all I the ones I found had ground almonds, which one, I didn’t have in my house, and two, I was too lazy to go buy some, so I found a chocolate, nut free macaroons recipe and oh boy did I make them.


These are clearly the bought ones.


These were mine. The photo is bad quality and taken by my mother. They were so good we were in a rush to eat them. True story.

That’s it for now, those are all my monthly favourites, this will became a monthly thing so stay tuned for Septembers favourite! toodledoo!

-Erika xx

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