3 Movies I Recommend

Today I have decided to write out a few of my favourite movies for you so you can learn a little more about me.

First off is The Help, if you’ve read my blog post on favourite books, which you can read here, you will see that The Help is my favourite book, ever and funnily enough, it happens to be my favourite movie.

th hep

Next is a film called Pride. I watched this film for the first time recently and loved it so much. It’s a film adaptation of real life events involving gays, lesbians fighting with the miners to gain support to the cause.


Lastly is 10 Things I Hate About You. This sounds so corny but I love this movie. Normally I’m not a romance person, typically horror or education/comedy, like the two above, but the morals and beliefs the protagonist holds really engaged me, also, Heath Ledger.


And that’s it! hope you enjoyed this, let me know if you’ve watched these films and recommend some in the comments below, toodledoo!xx

-Erika xx


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