Skin Care Routine

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I’m going to be doing a skin/face care routine because everybody want skin that looks like a 2 year old. (not sponsored, I bought with my own money, poor bank account ūüė¶ )

To start of, I’ll start by describing my skin type. I have always had bad skin. At 7 I was told I had eczema and allergic to milk and egg, not what a 7 year old wants to hear before Christmas. This eczema left very tight rough skin and would often flake, literally, I looked like a snowflake. This carried onto for several years going to the doctors every couple of months. My eczema was lucky minor and wouldn’t cause much stress, that’s what my doctor with a PhD said, lord was he wrong. When I was 13, after having the same skin schedule for 6 years (!!!) I woke up one morning to my face not being able to move. My face and neck was so dehydrated, despite putting moisturising¬†cream and hydrating cream often. The doctors at my local hospital couldn’t help, so I had to go to a dermatologist. luckily, it worked, he gave me cream which burned my skin the first time using it and made me cry, the pain was real. I got better, thank gosh, but then at the beginning of this summer (May 2015) it happened again. My face constantly itched and was very red from inflammation (blood rising to the skin looking like you’re sunburnt).

To conclude, it’s safe to say these creams for safe for sensitive skinned people. I get you guys, I really do.

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Now onto the cream, I apply this Avon 3 in 1 gentle aloe (not the same but similar!) cleansing, soothing and hydrating cream twice¬†a day, once when¬†I wake up, once after a shower/bath. On the bottle it says it’s milk but I feel as it’s a cream as it thicker than usual milk hydrators. It does cleanse the skin but even still I do have a few spots, but the roughness of skin has decreased immensely, considering I used to look like a concrete wall, I now I can at least stretch my skin.


In the mornings after I’ve put the 3 in 1 gentle aloe, I put the Aloe Propolis Cr√®me. Apply evenly and leave for a few minutes so your skin absorbs it (sounds more fun than it actually is). Next smother the Aloe¬†Moisturising Lotion onto your skin and your face will feel so smooth you’ll want to constantly touch it (don’t! you’ve got bacteria on your hands!)

When I use the 3 in 1 after the shower, I just use the Aloe Vera Gelly which is a thick clear (and cold)consistency. It basically smooth’s your skin making you feel like a dog sticking its head out a speeding car, free and slobbery (again, sounds more¬†disgusting than it actually is).

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I use this face mask one in a while when I¬†feel like pampering and perfecting my skin. This is tied first with the H&M face masks which are pure perfection. The Planet Spa mask is lovely on skin and feels very smooth once finished. Also, it’s got a cute logo, so bonus. I live the glamorous lifestyle.

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And that’s it. This was actually so fun as I love finding out new creams and moisturising¬†my face and shaping my eyebrows to make them look like Cara¬†Delevingne’s. Never works but hey, it’s fun. Toodledoo!xx

-Erika xx


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