7 Apps to Help With Organisation and Anxiety.

We’ve all been there. Running late, forget a birthday, didn’t attend that haircut appointment or forgot to add that one essential item to your shopping list (food and clothe wise, of course). We also have had days where you haven’t had time to study or make flashcards, or you make your to-do list and you lose it. Sad and painful times, really. I’ve composed a list of apps that I use to either calm myself down, organise my life or just need to get school work done.sunrise

Sunrise  – This is a calendar app. I never, ever, seem to get to use the one already installed in the iPhone already, I have no idea why, but when I came across this one, I have been baptised. I use this for everything and you can select when you want to get a notification, i.e. a day before, 3 hours before, 15 minutes before. You get the idea. Also, you can select already made calendars like moon times and your countries school holidays. Amazing, I know. Free.


Flashcards – The name says it all. An app where you can add flash cards to help you study for later. You can create decks of cards and even back it up. Honestly, its perfect for students. Free.

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Study Blue – Another study app. On this one you can also make cards and sync with your phone, but this one allows you to connect to the teacher of your classes (if you mention this app to them) and you can get your daily class on your phone. Also available on computers and laptops. Free.


Elevate – This is an AMAZING app. Everyday is sends you a notification to start a series of 3 games automatically selected for you. Some games including reading, listening, vocabulary etc. It tracks and gives you the statistics of your progress and highlights your weaknesses and strengths. Free but you can pay and upgrade.


Todoist – Basically, an app where you can set your things you wish to complete on that day or any other day. It’s literally a virtual todolist on paper and I love it. Also available on mac, windows and android. Free.


Colorfy – The beautiful app to create beautiful designs with the templates the give you. This is so so so calming. I have always found situations where I am creating something very soothing as 1. I have focused with hour or so doing something I love 2. I haven’t technically wasted an hour if im looking after my mental health. 3. ive just created something pretty which I should be 4. proud of. Free but can pay for upgrades like more templates and colour options.


Latergramme – Probably the best app out the lot, not going to lie. This app helps you place all your Instagram posts and you can set them to be posted at a certain AND type your caption out. The only problem is that it does NOT automatically post it for you. You have to be in a wi-fi zone to get the notification to post it, which will open in the app, it will automatically copy the caption and a pop up will ask whether to post it on Instagram or not. Perfect yet annoying. Free.

That’s it folks, all my usefulness has been passed on to you! let me know in the comments if you use any of these apps already. Toodledoo!

-Erika xx


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