5 Things on my Wishlist for September

As August is nearly over (finally!), it means September is on its way, meaning I have my own virtual wish list (instead of sending a million links to my mum via Facebook). Lets roll on!

This coat from ASOS. It is so gorgeous and I’m 100% sure I need it in my life. Definitely need it in my life, maybe not for £150, but the thought was there. Sigh.

The only and only Classy Sheffield Silver from Daniel Wellington. I just really really really really want this okay? I think its been on my wish list every month for a year, honestly.

Classy Sheffield SilverNext are these Black Platform Shoes With Tassels from choies. I love them. they’re so pretty and in right now. Imagine this with a cute dress and black tights. To die for!Black Platform Shoes With TasselsNext is a funny one, it’ll make your bones shake from laughing! Skeleton Restroom Door Cover. Adorable right? Well I was thinking, to get in the Halloween mood, im going to need some decorations so I thought I would also add a costume to my wish list, so here it is…Owl Face Hooded Sweatshirt. Yes I am being serious, yes I am ridiculous. If you didn’t know, I love owls, love love love owls. it’s a hobby. So when I saw this on Halloween costumes, I had to want it. I had to!

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Skeleton Restroom Door CoverOwl Face Hooded SweatshirtAnd that is the end my friends! I hope my mother sees this post and considers the items, especially the owl hoodie. Mainly the owl hoodie. Only the owl hoodie… anyway, toodledoo!

-Erika xxx


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