Back to School Books

So, the time has come. School is back. Now, I’m all for school. Wow, a teenager who loves school?! Yes my friends its true, I do love school. The only problem is books, especially English. Teachers recommend for you to read all these books, but where is the money or space? Really. Today I’m going to help you on a journey towards education and cheap books, Hazar! I’ll list a bunch of books which schools tend to recommend or ask you to read (and a few of my favourites)

of mice

Of Mice and Men – £6.37 (9.99$)
An Inspector Calls and Other Plays
 – £2.91 (4.56$)


Lord of the Flies –  £8.36 (13.11$)

the help

The Help – £4.59 (7.18$)


Rebecca – £4.99 (7.83$)

the colour p

The Color Purple – £2.49 (3.90$)

That’s it! Most of these books have been recommended to me hundreds of times by teachers to “improve my writing and vocabulary skills”. Also they are just great books! Toodledoo!

-Erika xx


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