What I Did Today | 20-8-15

Hii guys! Today I thought since my day has been at least a little interesting, I thought I’d share it with you!

As you might know, today in England, 16 years old are getting their GCSE results! Four of my friends decided to take an ICT course a year early outside of school and they got their results! They passed! So proud of them!! Since I woke up at 7:45am to support their emotional needs, I didn’t really go looking that glamorous.


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For breakie I had a simple cheese toastie at a local restaurant called the Clipper, soo delicious.


Then when coming home I bought myself a cupcake! kinder bueno, it was to die for (scar voice). Had it with a cuppa and my day was made.1And that’s it! very fun day, very emotional day, seen so many people crying over their results!, ahh that’ll be me next year!xx

Toodledoo, -Erika xx

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