M&S? More like M&Yes!

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Have you seen the craze? M&S and recently released this gorgeous olive-green suede trench coat. Damn. But Erika, what is so special about it? Well let me tell you. Firstly, it’s suede, a durable stuff fabric, which is oh so soft, and will last years, I promise you. Secondly, trench coat. That’s all I have to say about it.

lllNow if you haven’t realised, trench coats have always and will always be a trend, but this year it seems to have been the absolute fashion item.  The only, and I mean only problem with the coat, is that it is sold out in all sizes and isn’t even on the website. But Erika over here got you covered.

trench 1

Premium Suede Trench Coat // £250 (391$)

asos 1

Trench in Suede // £150 (235$)

Olive Double-breated Trench Coat

 Olive Double-breated Trench Coat // £19 (29.90$)


Faux Suede Trench Coat Tan  // £50 (78$)

Green Lapel Long Sleeve Trench Coat

Green Lapel Long Sleeve Trench Coat
// £13 (20.99$)

That’s it! I hope you adore these coats as much as I do! Have fun browsing! Toodledoo x

-Erika xx


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